Pre-registration for 10am Sunday Services

To enable us to seat the maximum number of people please contact the parish office with details of the numbers in your “bubble” (including children). Please let us know by 12noon on the preceding Thursday.

If you are no longer able to attend, please contact the parish office at any time. If you have not pre-registered, we will try our best to find a place for you on arrival.

Mid-Week Communion is held at 12 noon on Tuesdays. No pre-booking is required, If you do attend our Stewards will welcome you and direct you to a seat. However, the decision to attend services is yours alone; recommended safety guidelines are followed but we cannot eliminate all Covid risk.

Our Ascension Day Message

We are all living in strange times! Things that were taken away are being given back: liberty, pub-gardens, gyms, hugs, to name just a few. We feel robbed when things we value are taken away and yearn with anticipation for things to return to “normal”. We know that the “new normal” may take a bit of getting used to. This is true for the Church as for everyone else. We look forward to welcoming you back to St Mary’s in the coming weeks.

This season is one where Jesus’ bodily Ascension is recalled, His returning to the Father and Creator. The disciples were left bereft and afraid (a feeling we all know well!). But all was not lost, the Father sent the life-giving of Pentecost to lead the disciples in all truth and to empower them to share the good news of Jesus. Something that seemed lost was returned but with a “new normal”. Keep that in mind in the weeks ahead. May God’s Spirit be with you!

The Rev’d Christopher Bunce
Vicar of St Mary’s, Hitchin & Team Rector of Hitchin with St Paul’s Walden and Preston

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Here at St Mary’s we committed to safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults, for more information click here.